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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RADWiki version 0.3 Released

This release has many new features. I will just name the major ones here:
  • User administration plugin
  • Login dialog
  • Shortcut icons for markup insertion on the edit page
  • OneApp style
  • Page attachments
  • Use page attachments with the album plugin.
The layout and CSS has also been improved, although everything looks quite horrible when using Internet Explorer. There will be a specific IE release someday in the future (hopefully soon) to remedy the situation.

When talking about features I also have to mention my good friend Jason Brower who has given me invaluable advice and criticism during the implementation of this release. Check out some of the cool open source software he is involved in at http://brower.homelinux.org

Please check the release notes for more information and also take a look at the images added to the screen shots page.

Downloads are available through Sourceforge, see the download page for details.