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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Try Me

Hello there !
You may be the first person to watch this page. RADWiki had its first release about ½ week ago, and I haven't spent any time making people aware of its existence. Anyway if you discover this piece of software and actually try it, I would love to get a response.

There are plenty of wiki systems to choose from, so it will be a challenge to offer something unique, but nevertheless I will do my best to do exactly that.

I do think that the way plugins can be used in RADWiki is somewhat different than what is found in other wiki systems, and that is where I will focus.

If you just want a wiki for your research/thoughts/ramblings do not choose this applications, you can find way better usage from wiki systems such as Mediawiki, TikiWiki or my personal favorite Dokuwiki.

If you want to build (database) web applications using wiki pages to design the layout and text and plugins to provide the functionality RADWiki could be for you. Currently the release is 0.1 so it will take some time to get there, but if you would like to see where this software is heading, give it a try.